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Founded in 2020, The Adriatic is a quarterly poetry magazine that aims to create new opportunities for emerging and established poets, without the barriers of submissions fees, location, or publication history. Each issue explores a different theme, word, or idea, and is accompanied by artwork from our in-house illustrator.

Meet The Adriatic Team

Ella Roberts

Ella Roberts is the founder and a co-editor of The Adriatic Magazine, and a former Foyle Young Poet. An alumna of the Arvon Foundation, Ella writes about her life as a queer woman, and is working on a series of poems inspired by her dissertation topic.

She is currently in her third year of undergraduate studies at Liverpool Hope University.

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Melissa Chikwiramakomo

Melissa Chikwiramakomo is a co-editor of The Adriatic Magazine.  As a writer, she is always looking for new inspiration and ways to subvert familiar tropes.

She will be continuing her studies in Marine Biology at the University of Glasgow, and has started a blog to raise awareness of the importance of marine conservation. In her spare time, she enjoys bettering her kitchen skills, watching documentaries and finding new journeys to plan.

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Rhiannon Henry

Rhiannon Henry is a co-editor of The Adriatic Magazine, studying English and Creative Writing at Goldsmiths, University of London. In her work, she enjoys writing about personal experience, including topics such as mental health and queerness. 

When not writing or studying, Rhiannon can usually be found playing guitar or rewatching cheesy dramas from the early 2010s.

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Kelsee Porter

Kelsee Porter is The Adriatic’s in-house illustrator. She is a lesbian artist who specialises in art nouveau and tattoo-inspired work, drawing inspiration from classical mythology in her pieces. Kelsee is also an undergraduate, studying Ancient History and Classical Archaeology, and hopes to either go into museum work or become a tattoo artist. In her spare time, she enjoys baking, watching horror movies, and spending time with her family.

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Contact Us

Email: theadriaticmag@gmail.com
Twitter: @theadriaticmag

Instagram: @theadriaticmag

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